Comparison of Wink Vs VN Video Editor

Today, everyone can make videos and share their lives on social media platforms such as Instagram reels, shorts, and YouTube videos, to make a trend or go viral. A proper editing tool is needed to accomplish this task.

Video editing has become a very popular skill, and if you’re wondering how you can edit your videos easily like a pro in just a few minutes, then you need good editing software. Here we’re discussing the two popular editing applications, Wink APK and VN APK, Both applications are available in the Mod version, which gives you access to all premium features free of cost. Both are used to enhance your videos, but which one is best for you? We’ll break down their features, strengths, and weaknesses that help you decide, which one is better for You.

Why do some users pick Wink Video Editor over other applications? This article explains or highlights the features that aren’t in other applications, like VN. We compare these applications to deeply understand the app and its alternatives, where we have covered various aspects of this app.

Wink vs VN video editor

Wink vs VN Video Editor

App NameWink Mod APKVN Mod APK
CategoryVideo Players & EditorsVideo Players & Editors
Size80 MB166.00 MB
Version1.7.0.5 (Latest)v2.5.5 (Latest)
RequiredAndroid 6.0+Android 5.0+
PublisherMeitu China LimitedUbiquiti Labs, LLC
Last Update  7 April, 2024          11 April, 2024
Mod FeaturesPremium unlockedPremium unlocked
Mod typeFully Premium without watermarkFully Premium without watermark
PricingFree of costFree of cost

Wink Vs VN Video Editor – Which is the Best App

Wink and VN, in their Mod APK versions, are free applications that satisfy user needs. 

In Wink Mod Apk, using its many special tools—filters, templates, frames, retouching, face makeup, dark spot removal, body shape changer, fill light, overlays, effects, auto beauty, AI repair, AI removal, AI Anime, and more—allows you to edit your content professionally. 

Mod Apk of VN allows you to unlock all VN templates and includes a library of sound effects, stickers, transitions, Color Grading Filter, Key Frame Animation, PIP, Multi-Layer Timeline, Chroma Key, use 100 paid features free of cost, and many more that can be very easily and quickly, without any hassle, in just a few minutes for fantastic, extraordinary, and professional level video editing. You can also save drafts after using it.

Features Wink VN
Android, iOS, and PC Compatibility✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
UX/UI- Friendly Interface✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
Accessibility✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
Multilanguage✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
Text & Stickers✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
Templates✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
No Watermark ✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
AI-Powered Effects✅ (Yes)❌ (No)
Built-in Music Library✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
Photo Editing & Retouching✅ (Yes)❌ (No)
Keyframe Animation❌ (No) ✅ (Yes)
Premium Features✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
Resolution Covrage up to 4K ✅ (Yes)✅ (Yes)
wink vs vn video editor


In the latest version of the Wink video editor, don’t forget to use the “AI” feature to get the best, most precise, and most credible editing content. It automatically detects and corrects imperfections to enhance and improve the content visually. With minimal effort, this feature helps you achieve professional results that are more efficient and effective.

  • AI repair: It enhances the image quality, such as saturation, brightness, and many more.
  • AI Removal: It removes unnecessary objects, or things present in the frame or background.
  • AI Anime: It turns your desired image into an anime filter that’s very trendy on social media platforms nowadays.

On the other hand, in VN, this feature isn’t available.

wink vs video editor

Photo Editing & Retouching

The main purpose of VN is video editing. VN has no built-in features for photo editing or retouching. It has a clear advantage when it comes to photo editing or retouching. Wink Mod Apk utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance your appearance, such as 

  • Skin detail 
  • Fine-tune 
  • Makeup
  • Auto beauty 
  • Plump skin
  • Face shape
  •  Your cheekbone’s shape 
  •   Jawline’s sharpness
  •   Forehead
  •   Eyes’ size or brightness 
  •   Eyebrows’ shape
  •   Nose’s size and shape 
  •   Whitening of teeth 
  •   Hairstyle
  •   Removal of pimples

and more, to achieve the desired look or give a flair, retouch videos with multiple tools, graphics, beautification options, and more. 

Pros & Cons Of Wink Apk and VN Apk


AI-Powered Features Creative Tools such as body shape changersAdvanced Facial Retouching & MakeupAllow to Edit both Photos and videos like a proOffers flexible video ramping.Trustworthy applicationCross-platform connection between mobile and desktop devices via Google Drive or OneDrive.It’s great for short video content.

Limited language supportConstant internet connectivity is required You can only export video in HD & MP4 formats.It only has basic color grading tools.While you can add audio tracks to your videos, you won’t be able to edit them.It is sometimes sluggish.Not supported iOS devices.


Suppose you are looking for video editing software and are confused between Wink and VN. In that case, you should first be clear about your needs and requirements, then read the full comparison, and at the end, you will easily understand which one fulfills your needs in the best way possible. In conclusion, both Wink Video Editor and VN Video Editor offer valuable features for video editing enthusiasts. While Wink video quality enhancer excels in user-friendliness and professional tools, VN stands out for its intuitive interface and flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wink and VN are both free applications. You don’t need to spend money on downloading and installing this app on your device.

Wink and VN are available on the Google Play Store, but these apps are banned in some regions, and the mod version is available on this website.

Yes, because it has AI features that are not available in other video editing apps.

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